Hosted Exchange Email Issue

Wed, 27/03/2013 - 12:00

We are currently aware of issues with our hosted exchange solution being offline. We are working with our Hosted Exchange provider to get this back online and working as soon as possible.

All email to your address's are being queued on our servers in the meantime. Please check back here for further status updates.

We apologise for any Inconvenience caused.

Update: 14:50PM: We have identified an issue with the database of one mail store on one of the Exchange 2007 e-mail servers on the Hosted Exchange platform. This has caused a number of users to be disconnected. Our Infrastructure Team are currently working with Microsoft to correct the issue as a matter of highest urgency. Unfortunately due to the nature of this unusual issue (i.e. centralised database held on a resilient storage facility) the process of “failing over” will not correct this issue.

Although we do not have an estimated time to resolve this issue at this stage, it is unlikely that this issue will be resolved imminently due to the nature of the issue with the database.

At the same time we are also recovering the data as of last night to ensure that we have additional options available to restore service as quickly as possible.

We will provide regular updates on our progress and endeavour to reconnect the affected users as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience with this matter.

Update 15:56PM: Engineers have now implemented a solution to allow all mailboxes to be brought back online and to allow the email service to operate again for affected users. Mailboxes will initially be empty and data is presently being restored. Please note this re-population of mailboxes is a lengthy operation and we will continue to provide updates for the duration.

The above action has been taken in order to give users the ability to send and receive new email in the quickest possible time frame.

Please note that any email received while the service was unavailable will be delivered immediately into mailboxes (prior to the restored data being repopulated).

Thank you for your continued patience with this matter.

Update 09:45AM: Our infrastructure engineers have been working through the night and mailbox restores are still continuing. We will update you further with an estimated ETA when we have an accurate picture of this.

You may be experiencing issues connecting to some mailboxes using outlook, we are investigating this issue which Is believed to be caused by the issue yesterday. If you are experiencing this issue, you are able to login to using your full email address and mailbox password.

Thank you for your on-going patience with this.

Update 10:25AM: Following yesterday’s action to get customers operational and able to send/receive e-mails by providing blank mailboxes, engineers are continuing to restore historic e-mail and some users will be seeing e-mail starting to appear.

Due to the large amount of e-mail data being restored this is unfortunately a lengthy process, however our engineers are working round the clock to expedite this as soon as physically possible.

We will continue to regularly update you on progress.

Our apologies for the ongoing inconvenience caused.

Update 12:00PM: Currently there are issues to do with connections to OWA and front end client access. We are currently looking at these but they are related to the issues yesterday. They should be resolved shortly.

Our apologies for the ongoing inconvenience caused.

Update 14:47PM: Further to our previous update, we can confirm that the restoration process is ongoing for affected users. At this stage it is likely that the process will last into Friday but we will continue to provide updates as the operation continues.

Any connectivity issues relating to access to affected mailboxes is as a result of the ongoing restoration of these mailboxes. We appreciate your patience during this period as we endeavour to recover data as quickly and with as little interruption to service as possible.

Thank you for your on-going patience with this.

Update 16:34PM: We have now resolved the performance and connectivity issues affecting a number of mailboxes. Users with any remaining issues should close Outlook or webmail and reconnect. Please re-test and advise of any connectivity issues.

We will now continue with the restoration process and advise regularly on our progress.

Thank you for your on-going patience with this.